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in the united states where it was actually set to destroy the home. >> the source for cnn talking to our reporter poppy pharlow it looked like massive spaghetti and wires all connected. would this something incredibly complicated and the suspect would need quite a fair amount of expertise to be able to do this? >> no, you know, the expertise is out there. i think he's -- you look at his peddegree that i was a graduate student working towards his ph.d.. i think he had the education and knowledge, it is on the internet. with a little bit of common sense and he has quite a bit of that. very intelligent. he just put it all together and had something ready to go for the apartment. >> that's awesome. poppy harlow was talking to a source who said this, the flame would have consumed the entire third floor of the apartment complex by the time a fire truck would have arrived to the building, completely consumed in flames. the damage potential seems massive and at the same time, what we know about the suspect he tipped off police when they were able to apprehend him. those two things seem almost co
his bizarre appearance in court yesterday. cnn has new information, a law enforcement official who viewed videotape taken inside the apartment says this, mess of wires looked like spaghetti and it was rigged quote, right. if police hadn't dismantled the explosives the entire floor could have been consumed by flames before the first fire truck arrive. the aurora police found 30 improvised explosive devices surrounded by gas containers of gasoline. the gasoline was meant to enhance the effects of the blast. all of that brings us right to jim spellman. he's standing outside the theater. we can see the neon sign behind you. let's talk first about this video. i know it's black and white. what more can you tell us? >> yeah, police describe this whole apartment as being designed to kill. all rigged up to a trip wire at the front door. it took them almost two days before they could figure out how to dismantle this safely, ult the matly using water to render inoperable this control box. fortunately there wasn't a timer to it because they needed that much time to sort out how to do it. when
's attorney mark o'mara has identified the woman as zimmerman's cousin and tells cnn the allegations would not be admissible in court but will complicate things for the defense. >>> three more men are now coming forward telling police they were abused by jerry sandusky in the 1970s or 1980s. they are the first people to accuse him of abuse before the 1990s and it could mean the 68-year-old coach began preying on children in his early 20s. there's no mention of victims before the 1990s in the report. former fbi director louis freeh did. >>> it's one of first signs that penn state may be moving past joe paterno after the freeh report, according to state the university is changing the name of a student camp ground outside beaver stadium from paternoville to nittaniville as in the team's nickname, the nittany lions. >>> it was a heart stopping save by an offduty new york city bus driver. cell phone video. take a look at this, shows a 7-year-old girl jumping up and down on an air conditioning on the third floor apartment wind dough. when steve saint bernard sprang into action. >> wh
and cnn did its own investigation, as well as a bunch of other news organization. >> you were telling us you have a strong opinion on this. >> i do. >> don't tell me you're a birther. i can't take it. >> we thought we would do what we thought this story deserved. we're totally done with this story. >> put a nail in it? >> i mean, like the sheriff himself even spoke to the secretary of state of hawaii within a month ago, six weeks ago. >> put a fork in it, it's done. >> you're missing a news worthy item. the sheriff of arizona has a cold case posse which is just short of awesome. >> or -- some people could say he has an opponent seeking the nomination against him in november, which some people might be looking to oust him. >> what i like, is will cain came to the set with a hair cut today. >> tried. >> looking cleaned up. >> shave my face and cut my hair. >> everybody comes to it in their own time, it just happens. you're growing up. >> maybe you could be investigated by the cold case posse or something. >> i want one. >> we're moving on. but we do give him our get real thumbs down of the
. this is according to e-mail, cnn hag going through between former university president, graham spanier and gary schultz and tim curley, after graduate assistant mike mcqueary reported the incident to them, spanier decided to not tell authorities and instead told curley, the onlydownside for us is if the message isn't heard and acted upon and we become vulnerable for not having reported it. but that can be assessed down the road. curley and schultz face perjury and also accused of failing to properly reporting suspected child abuse. >>> the only abortion clinic still operating in mississippi can stay open for now. a new law in the state took effect yesterday requiring a abortion providers to be certified ob-gyn practitioners with privileges at local hospitals. a federal judge issued a restraining order that keeps the clinic's doors openal least until a hearing on july 11th. >>> that graduate student from georgia who lost her hands, left leg and her right foot to flesh eating bacteria is leaving the hospital today and she is headed to a rehab center. amy copeland's father says his daughter will g
if it was just inappropriate or horseplay, why is it as cnn has read in purported e-mails that penn state officials were worried about being vulnerable or possibly not and they didn't report it to any outside authorities. all good questions that we expect to be addressed in some way, soledad. >> i have to imagine there will be some focus on what exactly joe paterno knew and his family has a statement that they put out. they say this. joe paterno did not cover up for jerry sandusky. joe paterno did not know that jerry sandusky was a pedophile. joe paterno did not act in any way to prevent a proper investigation of jerry sandusky. to claim otherwise is a distortion of the truth. he wrote an op-ed about seven months ago before he died obviously and said focus on it was really focused on the legacy of the football program and the school. tell me about that. >> that's right. he wrote this just after the scandal broke and this was meant to be an op-ed piece but according to family spokes people and in the rush of event it is never got published. it was sent to some former football players and t
and i'll clarify my statement. >> alderman, we at cnn have not substantiated any of the claims about the company actually in its hiring or serving practices putting this into -- you know, using anything discriminatory. we'll look at that. and you're saying if, if. so let's play the if game, then. if chick-fil-a is not doing anything discriminatory in its firing or in its serving, then you're not going to let the opinion of the president stop you from creating jobs in your district? >> again, eight or nine months i have been working on this without any public exposure from me or from the lgbt group or from chick-fil-a. we have been working on this, and this is their words, not mine, they will no longer donate dollars to any organization left, right, or center that has a political agenda. that was one thing we were working on. >> will you demand that from all companies that do business? a lot of companies donate. if you're going to make everybody be apolitical and have no stand -- >> that was not a demand. let's be very clear. you're putting words in my mouth. i did not demand that of
by the police. we want to get tom fuentes, former assistant director and cnn contributor as well to talk about what the fbi will be doing in this case. tom, thanks for being with us. fill me in quickly after this happened, the fbi was brought in to start helping out. why the fbi in this case? >> good morning, soledad, mainly the first interest is going to be is this a single person by himself or is he a member of some terrorist organization. such as neo-nazi group or some other anti-government group. that's the first thing you try to rule out, if there are any other individuals involved with him or maybe he's a member of a group that somebody else will go out and start the same type of thing somewhere else. that's number one. secondly, a police department of aurora or any other police department is going to need all the help they can get in terms of the interviewing of so many witnesses, victims, victim's families and plus the investigation into the individual, does he have have a military background? where else does he live? interview his neighbors and colleagues and associates. there's a mas
cnn is accessing disturbing e-mails that could lead to new charges. >>> it could be constitutional as we have learned but republicans vowing to repeal, repeal that health care law. >> this has to be ripped out by its roots. >> the stakes growing bigger for the november elections. a jam packed show, legendary journalist dan rather, tom price, marsha blackburn and baltimore mayor, stephanie rawlings-blake. it is monday, july 2nd, "starting point" begins right now. here we go on this holiday week, good morning to you. our "starting point" this morning, millions of americans from the midwest to the northeast struggling to survive another day of dangerous and potentially deadly heat here. 16 people have already died since thursday when triple digit temperatures unleashed the deadly storms leaving millions without power. you see all of these states in yellow? these are the states suffering in ohio, 425,000 customers without power as of 10:00 last night. same story in virginia, same story in maryland, where hundreds of thousands of people are waiting, waiting for that electricity to flip
developments in the race for the white house. it's a virtual dead heat according to the latest cnn poll of polls. the president getting 46% of the vote if the election were held today. mitt romney just one point back at 45%. the cnn poll of polls averages the results of three major national polls conducted in the last 10 days. >>> and another one for the joe biden gag reel. he cracked this joke. >> my mother said -- it was wonderful for children, having your great aunt, your great uncle live with you. those walls are often thin. i wonder how the hell my parents did it. but that's a different story. i know you don't know anything about that. >> you're on tv. >> really? the sex joke? really? really? >> i don't know. >> what event was he at? >> you've got to love the guy. come on. >> maybe he was just talking about they couldn't talk about their family finances. >> clearly. christine going for the financial. >> maybe. >> those unpleasant financial conversations that happen at night in the bedroom. >> there is real value to men with a faulty filter. >> absolutely, absolutely. christine, tha
six students that received it. we have learned a source tells cnn that toward the end of the semester he had done poorly on one of his final exams. all of this happening at the same time that we have learned from other law enforcement sources that this is about the time that he was amassing his arsenal of weaponry, the four guns used in the shooting as well as the explosive material found in his apartment. so clearly investigators and psychologists taking a look at what happened here in the last few months if it was that exam or anything around this time period in his life that triggered what happened here. >> we continue to ask questions on the why of why this happened. thank you for the update. appreciate it. >>> still ahead on "starting point," a bizarre moment in olympic history. we'll tell you why the north korean women's soccer team refused to take the field. that's get real this morning and the starting point is heading in. they're not refusing to take the field. we have mark ergos and roland martin and will cain. >> he told me i look like a right writer. >> i don't know what t
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doggett, a senior member of the house budget committee. >> great to join you. >> cnn money spoke with several economists and found they are mostly in favor of some extension of the bush tax cuts. in fact, majority of those economists say they want all tax cuts extended, all of them. one of these economists specifically cited politics, by just favoring one group of taxpayers and not another, you reduce the possibility of the tax cuts being passed. we don't need to raise taxes in the short term. when unemployment is down to 6%, we can talk about phasing out tax cuts, own though that could be in a while. the president is promising, 100% committed to these tax cuts for the middle class and below. what do you think of the economists saying, why don't you do it for everyone? >> we've got an economist with an opinion on just about everything but i think the economic facts are that tax breaks, more tax breaks for those at the very top just have not produced jobs. they certainly didn't in the bush years. they only grew the debt and deficits. i believe that we ought not to provide tax brea
from outside beaver stadium. cnn's mark mckay is live in indianapolis. what can we expect today? >> reporter: we're expecting to hear what are unprecedented penalties against penn state and according to one source, it includes being hit with fines in excess of $30 million. they are also reports of course that penn state will lose a number of scholarships and may be prevented from going to future bowl games. how severe the punishments will be outlined in a press conference at 9:00 a.m. eastern time in indianapolis, about an hour and 15 minutes from now. the president mark emer it will preside at the conference and if his words are any indication, then penn state ought to brace itself for the very worse. he told an interviewer, i have never seen anything as egregious as this in terms of overall conduct and behavior inside a university and hope to never see it again. christine? >> mark, i guess the point is to send a clear message to penn state, to that program and other ncaa schools as well. >> that is the intent. not only for penn state but for other universities and the impact o
and mitt romney is what i'm trying to say, the new cnn poll of polls shows president obama with a lead over mitt romney, voters prefer him 47% to mitt romney's 43%. but the negative tone of the presidential campaign seems to be taking a toll on both candidates, a new poll from nbc news wall street journal shows 43% of the voters polled now have an unfavorable view of the president, that's up 38% in june. 40% have a negative view of mitt romney up one point. when they are asked which candidate is conducting a more negative campaign, 22% say president o obama, 34% say both sides are equally running negative campaigns, brings us to congressman, democrat from maryland. good morning to you. >> the polls show that the tone and the nastiness seems to be hurting both candidates. both are winning when it comes to campaigns perceived as negative. that would be a bad thing. a pollster who was interviewed said this is the kind of thing you expect come october, not in july. do you see a major downside to both campaigns in this? >> sure, i think the public are tired of the partisan politics and want to k
but your end point and we'll play it at the end of the show. go to our blog at point and submit your video and tell us what you think. if you agree with will cain, your stuff will never make air. i'm kidding. it will rarely make air. i'm joking, seriously. >>> still ahead, the man behind the wheel of this. this video has gone viral, 19 million people have been watching ken block tear through the streets of san francisco. we have other videos like it as well. he'll join us live to show how exactly they shot this. >>> the white house suggesting that romney may have committed a felony, team romney says that romney's departure was heroic. we'll get reaction from jack markell, here's his playlist, billy joel, "pqu"pianoman." for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood... with two times the points onake lunch dining in restaurants,ch? you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred. there's more to enjoy. to help protect your eye he
romney is the one to do it. once again i have a poll, cnn/orc poll, obama 51%, romney 44%. does that concern you? >> a snapshot always concerns me but it's a long campaign and i think at the end of the day people generally and i'm convinced of this, brooke, we don't agree today but i think generally people don't agree that obamacare is good for america. people understand that mitt romney will get rid of obamacare and obviously people who don't believe that obamacare or european health care is good for america, know barack obama is not the answer and he is the one that went to supreme court and made sure it got jammed down our throats. and unfortunately for us, the majority has spoken, obamacare is a tax and mitt romney is the guy to get rid of it. >> reince priebus, we appreciate you. i want to end and talk to the panel briefly. i read your piece in "the new yorker" where you wrote the likelihood of a repeal is not so likely. >> a lot things have to happen. romney has to win and republicans have to take over the senate and then their fate would rely on the parliamentarian in the
perry from cnn will be talking as well and roland martin. you have lengthened the festival this year. used to be a three-day festival, now a four-day. why the extra day? >> the extra day is to truly formalize the empowerment for our youth. the first day now is thursday and we start with an entire conversation that's focused on what will secure our youth and we partnered with the mayor of new orleans mitch landrieu, and then with first lady of new orleans and girl up, as she calls it. such a fun name. empowering girls and connecting families and their youth to services within the community. so that's been a discussion now formally for the first full day and it ended with the first ever new and next youth concert in the superdome last night. you've never seen so many screaming 10-year-olds in your life. but it was fantastic. we're very excited with our first formal youth day. >> what's the goal? you have done the festival for how many years? >> 18. >> you took -- was it one or two years off after hurricane katrina? >> one. we came right back to new orleans. >> when you look around city
back up or he was going to get hurt. >> this former police officer who spoke exclusively to cnn is not the only one accusing the nba of ignoring allegations of sexual harassment. former nba security director warren glover says he complained to his nba bosses years ago on behalf of three female employees. >> my complaint was that there was a series of employees, female employees, who complained on a number of occasions of sexual harassment by supervisors and other employees and no beings awas taken after it was reported. subsequently as a result of this i was terminated. >> glover filed an employment discrimination suit. in court papers the nba denies they discriminated against him. >> the nba is part of a culture in america. it is no different than any other corporation. >> some corporations treat women well. >> some do and some don't. these allegations and these two complaints deal with different aspects of that problem. the problem is discrimination in the workplace against women. >> in the hardwick case usa basketball said this about her allegations. while it is the policy of
charges in that case. cnn's ted rowlands is live in chicago. what can you tell us about that, ted? >> absolutely. there's a very good chance when this is said and done drew peterson, the former ex-cop will walk out of this courthouse a free man because it is such a challenging case for prosecutors. and the reason is two-fold. first off, there's no direct physical evidence that tie peterson to his ex-wife's death. it was first ruled an accident. there's an autopsy report that was done in 2004. and there was a jury that, coroner's jury that looked into the case at the time at the request of the family and came to the conclusion it was an accident. a huge hurdle for prosecutor then there is the stacy factor, the fourth wife, prosecutors cannot bring that into this trial. it's a huge part of the overall equation but they can't talk about it. the defense team was talking about it outside the courthouse the other day. take a listen to what they say. >> what do you make of the stacy factor in this trial? >> who? >> stacy factor. >> stacy who? >> she's on your witness list. >> that stacy,
the fireworks tonight. we appreciate it. >>> for information on how you can help, just go to >>> and now to poppy har low for the rest of the day's stories. >> good morning, everyone. incredible, new, and heartbreaking video of an entire neighborhood going up in flames in colorado springs. you see sparks and flaming jumping from one roof to the next. firefighters forced to make the nearly impossible decision about which homes to save and which will have to burn. high winds keeping the fri firefighters on their toes. that waldo canyon fire is now 70% contained, but it has destroyed more than 350 homes, the damage topping $1 billion. >>> and an awful turn in new hampshire. seven people were hurt, including several children, when a pile of fireworks exploded on the backporch of a home in pellham, setting the back of the house on fire. several of the victims, children, had to are abe air li to the hospital. >>> and security will be very tight later today at fourth of july celebrations in washington, d.c., and new york. but law enforcement officials say there is no evi
he seemed dazed and did not speak. cnn's jim spellman joins us live from centennial, colorado. what can we expect today, jim? >> reporter: well, well, zoraida, we will not see television cameras in the courtroom today. in four and a half hours he's going to make his way from the jail through an underground tunnel into the court. we expect him to be formally charged with 12 counts of first degree murder. and numerous counts of attempted first degree murder and other charges likely around the booby trapped apartment he set up as he went off to do this shooting at the movie theater. zoraida? >> let's of talk about the death penalty. any decision on that? >> reporter: that will come down the road. they have to take into account what the victims want to have and all of the evidence in the case. when they get to that point, but they tell me they would be shocked if the da does not go for the death penalty. >> jim spellman, thank you for that. next hour, remembering the victims of the colorado movie theater massacre, including 32-year-old rebecca's mother will join us live. >>> people chan
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)